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Antonella Bed and Breakfast


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Bed and Breakfast in Introdacqua near Sulmona Abruzzo Italy

Un bel posto proprio in centro d'Introdacqua.

Bed and Breakfast Antonella is located in the old historic center of Introdacqua, a small town of about 1200 residents near Sulmona in the Abruzzo Region of Italy. Rome is about two hours away.

Introdacqua is a lovely town that is extremely welcoming and safe. The residents often leave the keys in their doors when they leave home to take a stroll.

Bed and Breakfast Antonella was originally constructed in 1898 and fully renovated both in the 1970ís and most recently in 2005. The inn was built by stonemasons using local design and materials. The reception area and guest rooms are on the first floor. Future plans call for additional facilities to be built one level above this area. There are two mini apartments for rent. Each consists of a spacious bedroom, a private bath, and a combined living area/kitchenette. Central heating and a gas stove are included.

Off of the living area are balconies with beautiful views of the historical downtown area of Introdacqua, the enchanting Peligna Valley, and the surrounding forests and mountains.

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